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3 Shopify Apps for Upsell Funnels

The average Shopify store converts around 1.5%. Depending on the cost of products, ad spend and other overheads, as well as order value, this conversion rate could be sufficient to generate a positive cash flow. But for many stores, 1.5% is not the sweet spot. To build a sustainable and profitable business, more often than not, you would either need to push your conversion rate past that threshold of 1.5%, or increase the average order value. Let’s talk about funnels and how they can help to take your online store to the next level.

The general impression is that Shopify is meant for online stores and not for building funnels. That is fortunately not true! There are a suite of apps that can help you set upsells and build a funnel on Shopify, which would boost your sales tremendously. Here are the top three apps that are widely used in the market today.

1. Zipify One-Click Upsell (OCU)

Consumer psychology is simple. Minimize the barriers to the purchase, be it the number of clicks, steps or pages the customer has to go through, and the customer will be less likely to reconsider and more likely to make the purchase. This is precisely what Zipify one-click upsell does. 

A one-click upsell is exactly what the name suggests – a post-purchase strategy that upsells order upgrades or other related products after payment is made. Zipify OCU remembers the credit card information provided at the checkout page on the original purchase, and applies it to the upsell page automatically. The additional purchase happens literally with one click on the “Buy Now” button. 

But Zipify OCU has much more to offer than one-click upsells. It also includes pre-purchase upsells, an in-built split testing tool, as well as analytics and tracking. This makes Zipify OCU an  especially versatile tool meant for scaling and optimization. To learn more about split testing and how it is crucial to improving your conversion rates, check out our article on Split Testing and Conversion Rate Optimization.

Split Testing

Importantly, these upsells are targeted and relevant to the products that your customer had just purchased or added to cart. In fact, Zipify claims to have an impressive 16.2% conversion rate for their upsells! Having sniper vision in targeting your upsells is always better than just shooting blanks. 

If you are looking to connect Zipify OCU with your existing apps, or include subscription options, OCU also has integrations with email marketing providers like Klaviyo, and subscription apps like Recharge. OCU also allows you to design all of your upsell pages through a simple drag and drop interface, making the funnel building process fast, simple and intuitive. But just because it has a simple user interface does not mean that it lacks functionality. You can incorporate various functionalities by integrating it with third party tools like Google Maps Autocomplete, to customize your checkouts and craft your very own customer experience.

2. CartHook

CartHook is another powerful player in this arena that has well-proven results. It is one of the leading platforms when it comes to Shopify upsells, and is used by many major Shopify brands. The second tip in consumer psychology is that trust and engagement with your brand are at a peak immediately after the purchase, and customers are ripe to purchase even more at that point. Like Zipify OCU, CartHook capitalises on this by allowing store owners to set up seamless one-click upsell sequences after purchase.    

With CartHook, you can also gain access to amazing templates and an intuitive drag and drop interface to design offer pages that convert. For more technically inclined store owners, Carthook provides full HTML and CSS for you to add customised tweaks to your store pages.  

Digital Marketing Strategy

One powerful feature that CartHook has is that it allows store owners to bypass the product page and sell directly with the sales page of the funnel. Product pages are usually the poorest converting page in a Shopify funnel simply because it is not optimized as a page that sells. Sales funnel pages conversely, make an argument for the purchase. They are designed to push visitors along with the exclusive aim of securing the purchase. CartHook allows you to build a landing page and its accompanying funnel from scratch, and drive ad traffic directly to the funnel’s URL instead of your online store. 

The order details are still captured on Shopify so no worries there!

CartHook’s analytics are also top of the class, with great tracking on your product specific funnels. Most apps can have buggy tracking and poor attribution, but CartHook’s tracking is a cut above the rest. You can even think of CartHook as its own sales channel, since you can also sell on other platforms like ClickFunnels, LeadPages, Unbounce or Instapage. Just set up your sales pages on these associated platforms and send the orders over to CartHook with pre-loaded carts ready for checkout!

If you’re looking for a powerful funnel builder that is a one-stop solution on its own, CartHook is definitely a great option. The only catch is that it’s rather pricey at $500 a month, and charges a 0.5% fee on all Carthook revenue. But if you build your funnel right, these fees would be pennies on the dollar.

3. ReConvert

ReConvert is another powerful Shopify upsell app that can bolster your customer retention. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use upsell app that focuses on post-purchase upsells and can help you create and customise beautiful Thank You pages, then ReConvert may be right up your alley.

If you are working on a tighter budget or prefer a more cost-effective option, especially when starting out, then ReConvert would be one of your best options. It has a free plan where the platform processes up to 50 orders per month. This 50 order limit refreshes every month so you don’t have to keep track of time limits like 7-day or 14-day free trials. 

Funnel Strategy


However, don’t think that ReConvert is a lightweight solution just because it has a free plan! It has numerous functionalities. First, you can easily integrate it with your autoresponders so you can engage your customers with newsletters and personalised emails. Beyond emails, you could also get your subscribers to register for SMS, Messenger and Push marketing. With a multi-channel marketing campaign across various platforms, and a well designed re-targeting strategy, this would certainly help with your customer retention. Second, you can upsell using a pop-up and timer to offer time-sensitive deals. The last key take away from customer psychology is that time pressure imposes urgency, and urgency often inclines people to make impulse purchases that they may abandon if they had more time to reconsider. Time sensitive upsells are effective tools that would help increase your average order value tremendously. Third, ReConvert allows you to integrate with tracking apps, and display the shipment information on the order status page.       

While the price for the app increases with your monthly sales volume, ReConvert is definitely a great choice. An important pricing benefit is that ReConvert charges fixed prices based on your order volume, and not a percentage of your upsell revenue like other apps. This means that your technology costs do not spike as you scale your online store. Nonetheless, after generating positive returns on your online store, you can now reinvest your profits with ReConvert at higher sales volumes, or make the swap over to another upsell app like Zipify OCU or CartHook.

With these useful apps available at your fingertips, you can build your sales funnel on Shopify and unlock the benefits all these varied platforms can offer.   

Frequently Bought Together

Just like Amazon’s Thank You pages, Frequently Bought Together places product recommendations on your Shopify online store’s Thank Your pages. And it does so intelligently. Frequently Bought Together uses an algorithm to analyze your sales data for various product bundles and helps you offer products that are, literally, frequently bought together.

This is very helpful for upselling related products and recommending them as a bundle on a product page. This allows customers to buy sets with a single click on the “Add To Cart” button, reducing friction against purchases while increasing average order value!

Upsell Funnels And E-commerce

When it comes to e-commerce increasing  average order value and improving conversion rates  are considered top priorities for any business. With shorter customer attention spans, and lower brand loyalty across the board, running unprofitable front-end offers with the hopes of customers buying again in the future is no longer a viable strategy. 

This is where funnels help struggling online stores to be profitable from the onset. By upselling and bundling products to increase average order value, what was previously an unprofitable offer could become a workable one simply because a portion of customers added a couple more products to their order! 

Looking at it from a different perspective, running an online store without upsells and funnels could literally be leaving money on the table. 


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