Sales Funnels

Split Testing

A/B Testing And Conversion Rate Optimization

Split testing, A/B testing and multivariate testing are complex things that have been made accessible through technology. Today, we have an abundance of tools to help us carry out conversion rate optimization tests that help to increase revenue. Here’s an over view of what is A/B testing, what you can test, and how to run split tests. Start optimizing your digital marketing assets today.

Funnel Strategy

5 Stages In A Sales Funnel

If you have been online enough, you would have probably heard of the sales funnel or at least went through one unknowingly. A funnel that converts means the difference between profitable business and a failing one. Let’s talk about what a funnel is and how it is the most powerful tool in a digital marketer’s toolkit. Leverage this one tool, and you are one funnel away from your dream business.

Lead Generation

Clicks to Leads

Let’s talk about traffic.
Is it the end all be all?
Well traffic definitely makes a difference. It is the most controllable part of marketing. The more you spend, the more you get. But what will truly give you returns on your investment are leads and sales. Sales because they directly give you profit; and leads because this is your greatest asset – a community that you can continue to show your offers to.