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Here at GrowthFunnels, we are always looking to deliver quality content and our  members are hungry for quality content. If you are an active writer creating content on digital marketing, business, technology or the blockchain, we’d love to publish your posts here or feature it on our partner platforms including fast-growing startups and publishing companies. 

A well-crafted article has the potential to greatly boost your reputation online, and opens many opportunities to market your own brand while benefiting our readers. And so we appreciate highly original and relevant content that add significantly to our audience’s knowledge.

Content Guidelines

Some of the details for the submissions that our editorial team accept include:

  • Word Count: Over 1200 words
  • Format: Google Docs
  • Topic: Offer insights on recent trends, or how technology and marketing best practices are being used by developers, agencies, ecommerce brands and blockchain companies to grow their businesses.
  • If you include facts and figures, do include links to their appropriate credible sources in your work
  • It must not be published on other websites
  • You may include your bio, of about 40 words, with a no-follow link to your brand or social media profile.


  1. Send over a quick summary of the article you would be writing and the main ideas that you will be covering in your content piece.
  2. When your proposal is accepted, you can start writing your content piece.
  3. Before you share your article with us, do a quick proof-read through your content piece to make sure that there are no grammar or spelling mistakes, and that your writing is aligned with the topic that you proposed.
  4. Share a Google Drive folder with your article and any images you would like to include in the article.

Note: We understand that the idea of publishing guest posts on our blog is to get a worthy link. However, we reserve the right to reject all posts that are created SOLELY to get the link, and do not offer any value to our readers.

We receive many publication requests, so it might take up to 5 business days for our editorial team to get back to you. During this period, we reserve the right to edit your content and links for considerations like Search Engine Optimization, readability, and the suitability of your links.

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