Our Story

GrowthFunnels started out with its niche squarely in email marketing and lead generation. Our scope later broadened to the wider universe of digital marketing, traffic generation, and helping individuals, businesses and non-profits build an effective, distinctive, and lasting online presence and brand. 

Beyond email marketing services, we began to provide a full range of social media advertising, messenger marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media branding to name a few key areas.

Today, the core of GrowthFunnels is the sales funnel. We design and operationalize sales funnels for businesses to improve conversions, retain customers, and increase the value of each sale. 

We empower businesses to provide greater value to their customers and form long-lasting relationships with them.

We serve businesses and individuals keen on improving their online sales mechanisms, be it in e-commerce or the service industry. And in the light of the COVID-19 outbreak, our core offerings now include services for Brick-and-Mortar businesses. We take deep pride in our services for non-profits as well, and are always keen on helping grassroots initiatives get the crowdfunding they need.


To generate new growth momentum for businesses by delivering expertise in building, testing, and fine-tuning marketing funnels.

We aim to

Establish a suite of systems that are credible, reliable and reproducible roadmaps that help businesses connect customers to suitable products that meet their needs and deliver value

Give customized advice to help individuals and businesses define their value proposition and position their offers in an increasingly contested market

Lower the barriers to entry to the trades of digital marketing and entrepreneurship by providing access to a wealth of resources

Create a robust and highly-networked community of peers and mentors

50 %
Conversion Rate Improvement
Clients WorldWide
$ 130000 +
New Revenue Generated

Our Happy Clients!

“Hi Everyone. I am very happy with the assistance of Growth Funnels in setting up my chat bot. I called Joshua few times and he is very helpful and patient with guiding me. If you are looking for a chat bot assistance, Growth Funnels is the best. Well done and more power!”


Charina Llagas

Marketing Freelancer

A very helpful team here. Helped me a lot with digital marketing and affiliate marketing. Gave me very good support for my landing page design and writing. Thanks GrowthFunnels I’ll be teaching digital marketing in regional languages now and growing my business.


Avinash Sable

Co-Founder, MDL News

Joshua has really helped me with designing my ManyChat chatbot for my online business. This can really enhance my business model and improve web traffic and sales. Because the team is always seeking creative solutions and continuously experimenting, they can drive results and produce work of exceptional quality. Thank you.


Jeffery Tan

Founder, PH Solo Ads


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